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Watch Parts Collection in Plastic Jar #1

Watch Parts Collection in Plastic Jar #1

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Just check out this collection of watch parts.

You will receive the entire collection from the pictures. Everything you see is included. There are faces, covers, wristbands, chains, settings.... For collecting, collage, jewelry making, fixing things, assemblage, whatever you can think of! The parts are stored for you in a reusable plastic jar.

For example in our main picture, just in front of the jar sits a piece of a wrist strap (standing up on its side). It includes the clasp for holding the watch on a person's wrist. Or two items in front of it we have a housing unit for the gears. As can be seen in the picture, it includes some text. A portion of the text includes: 4-740076TA. And there are so many more pieces in this wonderful collection.

Such watch parts and pieces are a must for steampunk creations!

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