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White Library Book Cards - Package of 10

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These are the real, official old-fashioned library cards…
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* Made in USA

These are the real, official old-fashioned library cards that were standard in libraries before electronics took over. The card was place in a library book pocket - when the book was borrowed, the librarian recorded the date due.

These are white cards with blue lines and printing. Each card has a large open space at the top for the book name, ISBN or Dewey Decimal System Number, Author's Name, etc. There are columns for Date Due, the Borrower's Name and the Room Number.

Cards measure 5 inches tall by 3 inches wide and are made of a lightweight, yet sturdy, cardstock.

These make nice addition to school and reading collages. Add them to greeting cards or, use them as designed - to create your own library - and help your friends to remember to return borrowed books!

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