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Wired Ming Pine Garland with Little Red Berries - Super Rare

Wired Ming Pine Garland with Little Red Berries - Super Rare

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The little green tufts of pine find themselves on a brown paper wrapped wire. The wire really looks like a small woody branch. Interspersed throughout the wire are tiny red berries, reminiscent of holly berries.

You can easily cut the garland with wire cutters or a pair of older scissors - you don't want to ruin good scissors!

This is nice and Christmasy and ready for decorating. But, you might also want to decorate your fairy garden with a piece of it as well.

The garland measures 9 to 15 feet long. We, too, were surprised by this sizing. But that's what the outer box reads. We're hoping that they are all 15 feet!

The tufts are about 1/2 inch thick and a little over 1/2 inch apart.

These are super rare - we've been searching everywhere for them. And guess where we found them? Right here - hidden away in one of our many treasure chests of wonderful surprises.

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