Yin Yang Pin Back Button
Yin Yang Pin Back Button

Yin Yang Pin Back Button

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The Yin Yang is a well known Taoist symbol, representing the balance of opposites in the universe. Without opposites, there is chaos and confusion. When opposites are equally present, there is clam.

There are many traditions regarding the exact definition, however, the philosophical vision without words, is most common - the design of the symbol itself implies calm.

Some traditions see one side as soft, the other hard - even opposites exist here. As some say the yin is soft and others say it is the yang. It has come to represent so many opposites, it almost does not matter which is which.

since nothing in nature is purely one way or purely the other, the symbol includes a small black spot in the white swirl, and a white spot in the black swirl. Yin-Yang is thought by the Taoists to be upset when humans intervene in nature and disrupt the balance.

Our pinback button measures about 1 inch in diameter.

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