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Zenith 548/E Plier Stapler
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Zenith 548/E Plier Stapler

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Made in Italy
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If you need a sturdier stapler for tougher jobs, or if you're a fan of the techno-look, you'll prefer our Industrial all-metal stapler! The industrial model (Zenith 548/e) is very strong and has a bit more depth than our FUN! model. The Zenith 548e Stapler is available in an assortment of bold two-tone shades or in the sleek-looking all Aluminum model.

The staples (6mm wide) are less intrusive as the standard staples (12mm) we know in the United States. But, they're much stronger than the “tot” mini staples. Their fit is much more professional-looking.

You'll love the look of your papers when you bind them with our staples in our staplers!

This stapler is just wonderful for gift wrapping - especially for turning pretty ribbons into beautiful bows. Martha Stewart used the Blue/Turquoise version of this stapler to make pretty bows and wrap gorgeous gifts.

Each stapler arrives with a box of 1000 top-quality Zenith staples. Additional staples are available below.

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