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Zodiaque Thibétain (2 Sheets) - Artistamps/Faux Postes
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Zodiaque Thibétain (2 Sheets) - Artistamps/Faux Postes

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* Made in France

By Sylvie Leray-Kuan, these gorgeous images of the Tibetan Zodiac are reproduced superbly as artistamps or faux postage. Each set contains 12 stamps (2 sheets of 6 stamps each). Represented are: the hare (rabbit), dragon, serpent, horse, sheep (ram), monkey, bird (rooster), dog, pig, rat, ox and tiger.

Presented in two 5 inch by 6 inch sheets of 6 stamp sheets, with water-activated adhesive in the fashion of traditional postage, these will be so much fun to use. Each artistamp is approximately 1-9/16 by 2 inches.

Please remember that these are gummed (not self-stick!) faux postes and not to be used to replace the true postage necessary for mailing!

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