Vintage Box Full of Paper Letters
Vintage Box Full of Paper Letters

Vintage Box Full of Paper Letters

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* Unknown Origin, Probably Made in USA
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This old tin box is pretty nice. It is covered in heavy blue-grey paper - intact, but with some foxing . All original. From the 1920s or so!

This one is even better because there are a bunch of little letters, numbers and symbols inside. All original, too.

We haven't counted all of the pieces, but you can see that there are a lot there. The pieces have been used, but they are made of a stiffer paper, so that you will be able to use them again and again, too.

Originally, we thought these were game pieces, but we discovered that these were used for business and for playing games.

The box has aged with use, and the letters inside show some wear as well. Both are ready to make it for many years to come.

The measurements are
  • side to side - 4-1/2 inches
  • front to b back - 3-1/4 inches
  • top to bottom - 7/8 inch
  • letters inside - 1/2 inch square.

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