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d.Anne Ruff Pretty Pleat Passementerie Ribbon or Dollhouse Pleater
d.Anne Ruff Pretty Pleat Passementerie Ribbon or Dollhouse Pleater

d.Anne Ruff Pretty Pleat Passementerie Ribbon or Dollhouse Pleater

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Have you ever wondered how to make those wondrous ribbon medallions that you see on vintage millinery and Napoleon-style uniforms?

Buying new passementerie is devastatingly expensive. With this fantastic ribbon pleater, you can make them yourself. Initially this handy tool was meant for making dollhouse draperies, dust ruffles, doll clothes, and other miniature fabric items. But imagine all that you can do!

This versatile and durable pleater is heat molded from natural rubber and thus is not affected by the heat of an iron or steam, used in the pleating process. The pleater can be kept clean by occasional washing with soap and water.

Almost any ribbon will work well with the pleater. But, as always, be careful with expensive ribbons and velvet ribbons - test them with an iron first in an inconspicuous place.

Sheer fabrics work well, too, but please be careful when ironing (try a tiny bit first).

Now, for larger pieces, such as dollhouse and other miniatures, you'll find that natural fabrics like 100% cotton or silk work best with the pleater. Polyester, nylon, tencel are more likely to be springy or stretchy. Just try it out and see for yourself. There are lots of other suggestions and all the instructions you need packaged inside with the pleater.

No sewing skills needed! The rigid plastic card that comes along with the pleater will help you press your fabric or ribbon into the grooves.

The pleaters come in 3 sizes:

  • Small - Tiny pleats - 11 pleats per inch - 1/4 inch scale
  • Medium - 7-1/2 pleats per inch - 1/2 inch scale
  • Large - 5-1/2 pleats per inch - 1 inch scale

This tool is made from NATURAL RUBBER. If you have a latex or rubber allergy, please do not purchase it.

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