Hand Decorated Wooden Greyhound
Hand Decorated Wooden Greyhound

Hand Decorated Wooden Greyhound

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* Made in USA
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We have been blessed to have shared our lives with 4 greyhounds. We look forward to seeing them again over the Rainbow Bridge.

This sentiment is partially what inspired our hand-decorated wooden greyhounds.

A local artist has hand painted each greyhound in a rainbow of color. The color explosion spiraling out from the heart of the greyhound. She has signed each piece with her initials on the back.

Since these are hand painted please expect some slight variations, as can be seen in our pictures. We are sorry but we cannot offer a particular dog from our images.

Please keep away from liquids. The embellishment has been painted but not sealed. It will last a long time if well cared for.

As seen in our pictures, the reverse side is signed by the artist but not painted.

  • Nose to Tail: 2-1/4 inches
  • Toes to Head: 1-1/5 inches

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