Peculiar Vintage Ornament
Peculiar Vintage Ornament

Peculiar Vintage Ornament

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Who is this curious little fellow. We know that s/he's a vintage ornament. What holiday? What species?

We have argued (discussed?) about what s/he might be - a rabbit, a pig, a dog, a magical creature.

We are enchanted! Strange and charming, s/he is definitely different than anything (anyone) that we've ever known or seen. If you know, please let us in on it!

We believe the head to be plastered and lacquered paper over a base of some sort. It has been hand painted - mostly in pink - eyes, nose, ears and mouth. Arms are made of chenille and legs of silky ribbon. We believe that the little feet are made of clay.

Most likely from the 1920s, this odd little fella might just be who you need for your collection of ... treasures? (What ever your imagination may take you to collect.)

  • head to toe - 4-1/2 inches
  • hanging hook to feet - 5-7/8 inches
  • side to side -1-1/8 inches
  • nose to back of head - 1-1/4 inch

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