Vintage Pope Pius XI Medal
Vintage Pope Pius XI Medal

Vintage Pope Pius XI Medal

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* Unknown Origin, Probably Made in Italy
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Such absolutely fine detail brings the image of Pope Pius XI to life. The intricate detail, right down his eye glasses sitting atop his nose is astounding. The raised image giving you the chance to feel the detail as well.

Surrounding the likeness of Pope Pius XI, it reads:


Pius XI Pontifex Maximus

The hanging loop is quite small, so please be gentle with this medal.

We have found a number of medals similar to ours except that ours is blank on the reverse.. All of the others that we have been able to find, have an image on the reverse. We think that this makes ours more special, perhaps you will agree?

From our research, this medal seems to come to us from the 1930s. But, we cannot be absolutely certain if it is truly that old. Regardless, this medal is most definitely vintage.

  • Diameter: 7/8 inch

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