Antique Potter Confectionery Company Decorative Tin Box
Antique Potter Confectionery Company Decorative Tin Box

Antique Potter Confectionery Company Decorative Tin Box

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Delightfully found in a family estate, this wonderful confectionery tin was at one time full of sugary goodies.

The Potter Confectionery Company from Cambridge, Massachusetts, was one of many candy producers in Cambridge. The Potter Confectioners started under another name back in 1892.

This beautiful tin was produced by Canco to hold "The Court Package" for Potter's special candies.

The Potter Company, as well as many other confectionery companies, as candy politics are trickier than you might imagine, vied for the best candies and the best packaging. We are drooling think of what may have been inside this stunning candy tin.

An aristocratic lady holds court with a gentleman of stature (who perhaps is offering her such splendid candies).

The tin is in fine condition and opens and closes well. There is some aging - as you might expect in such an antique piece. Please take a good look at the photos for detail.

By design, the lid has a lovely curve. Such glorious detail and workmanship are hard to find today. It weighs about 12 ounces, so you can be sure that it is sturdy enough for those treasures of yours.

We never clean our vintage and antique items. So, just dust this off. We're not sure what water will do the condition - and certainly do not use any cleaners.

We can't date this exactly, but because of the provenance described by the family, we expect to have been from the early 1900s.

This box would be delightful on your dressing table to hold trinkets and treasures. It also displays nicely on a table.

Please do not store food inside.

  • Height with Lid: 2-3/8 inches
  • Height when Open: 2 inches
  • Width (with Rim): 8 inches
  • Depth (with Rim): 4-7/8 inches

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