Saint Francis Gift Collection
St Francis of Assisi Collection Medals & Holy Cards

Saint Francis Gift Collection

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This glorious St Francis collection consists of charms and medals in a wonderful mix of sizes, colors, and styles. The collection arrives in a gift box, with the medals protected in a lovely velvet bag.

The St Francis Collection includes 23 medals and 2 special prayer cards. The photos show 2 of each medal and card, so that you might see the front and back of each.

If purchased individually, this collection would be over $75.

St Francis Medals & Charms:
  1. Large Bronze Medal
  2. Elegant Rectangular Medal
  3. St Francis and the Birds Charm with Halo
  4. Bless and Protect my Pet Medal
  5. Primitive Style Medal in Antiqued Silver
  6. Patron of Animals Medal on Split Ring
  7. St Francis and the Wolf Medal (Bronze-Tone)
  8. St Francis and Animals Medal
  9. St Francis and Wolf Mini Charm
  10. Protect my Cat Medal
  11. Charm in Antiqued Silver
  12. Oxidized Medal with Birds
  13. St Francis and the Wolf Medal
  14. Protect my Pet Medal
  15. St Francis and the Wolf Medal with Prayer for Peace
  16. Primitive Style Medal in Antiqued Bronze
  17. Mini Silvery Charm
  18. Round Medal
  19. San Damiano Cross with Prayer for Peace
  20. Tiny Round Medal
  21. Bust of St Francis Traditional Charm
  22. Tiny and Colorful Medal
  23. Charm in Antiqued Gold
St Francis Holy Cards:
  1. St Francis Prayer for Peace
  2. St Francis Prayer for My Pet
Medals Measurement:
  • Height: 3/8 inch - 1-5/8 inch
  • Width: 1/4 inch - 1 inch

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