Sparkly Metallic Thread - 155 Yards
Sparkly Metallic Thread - 155 Yards

Sparkly Metallic Thread - 155 Yards

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* Made in China

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Featured for making our Straw Stars, this metallic thread is a bit darker than our other metallic threads. Because of the production difference, this spool is almost 3 times longer than our other metallic thread.

This thread is much more sparkly in person that it is in the photos.

Along with the Straw Stars, you can only imagine how else you may use this thread: fly tying, sewing, adding to embroidery thread, passementerie**, and more.

You might measure it as crochet cotton, size 20. The balls of thread are 25 grams (about 155 yards).

As with all metallic threads, it will easily unwind from the spool. It is 6-ply. For straw stars, it is best to use it as the twisted 6-ply as it comes off the spool.

Metallic thread is made differently than cotton and polyester threads. So, you may find that there is a slight variance in size between the gold and the silver.

If sewing directly on fabric for clothing or other projects, please be aware that this is not colorfast. So, test a bit on a small piece of fabric first.

** Passementerie is the art of creating bouillion for elaborate trimming of tassels, military braids, royal regalia and more. Traditionally sewn with metallic silk thread, this metallic thread should work as well.

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