St Peter Claver Icon Style Holy Cards - pkg of 5
St Peter Claver Icon Style Holy Cards - pkg of 5

St Peter Claver Icon Style Holy Cards - pkg of 5

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Patron Saint of Slaves, Race Relations and Columbia
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St Peter Claver is known to be the patron of slaves, race relations, Columbia, and seafarers, as well as missionary work among all African peoples. He was canonized by Pope Innocent XIII in 1888.

Born 70 years after King Ferdinand of Spain established the colonial slave trade, St Peter Claver devoted his life to bringing Christianity to the multitudes of slaves brought to the New World through the port of Cartagena.

St Peter Claver was known to meet the slave ships as they arrived in port. He would board the newly arrived ship to treat and minister to the newly arrived slaves from within the squalid conditions. Later, when the captives were penned into the nearby yards, in preparation for the sale; Claver would bring them medicine, food, brandy and tobacco. It is estimated that he personally baptized 300,000 slaves.

During times when ships were not expected, he would travel the countryside to plantations so that he could minister to the slaves. When at all possible, he would lodge in the slave quarters while staying at a farm.

A marvelous raised 3-D image of St Peter Claver comforting a slave is on the front of this rare medal.

These lovely holy cards are a bit lighter weight than some others we offer, but the printing is absolutely outstanding. They are a convenient size for use as gifts or bookmarks - measuring 3-1/8 by 4-5/8 inches on heavy cream-colored paper. The back is blank except for a faint colophon at the bottom, leaving plenty of room for custom imprinting with your own message, or a place to write a note to a friend, or to inscribe an appropriate prayer.

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