Straw Star Kit Laying Form (with Cleaver) - Molds
Straw Star Kit Laying Form (with Cleaver) - Molds

Straw Star Kit Laying Form (with Cleaver) - Molds

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* Made in Germany
These 2 sizes of laying molds are not in the Straw Star Kits. So, now you can expand your designs.

These are the same type of laying molds (aka laying forms, laying shapes) that are in the Straw Star Kits that we sell. But, these are different sizes - helping you to make more versatile stars. Each laying mold comes with a cleaver (to hold the straws in place).

The techniques for using these molds are just the same as the ones that you'll find in the instructions in the Star Kits that we sell.

The 6-CORNER laying shape helps you make simpler straws. One of the best features is that you can use wider straws - including the flat ironed straws. You'll find guidelines engraved right on the mold - for both single stars and double straws. There are lots of possibilities for this mold - especially because of the guidelines.

The 16-CORNER laying shape is made is a wow! You can make 16-pointed stars, 8-pointed stars - and even combine the 16s and 8s together. Now you can make some really intricate or fancy stars - maybe even multiple colors of straws and thread! AND, you can make simpler straws, too. Just like on the 6-corner laying shape, you'll find engraved guidelines right on the mold. This mold is a little more complicated, so you might want to practice with others first. Certainly, you can go for it after some practice.

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