Tin Can Star Frame Ornament
With Mirror

Tin Can Star Frame Ornament

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This frame would be great as an ornament - or even a special little piece of wall art.

Cleverly made from a tin can, the ornament features a circle opening for a photo or other artwork - just add your piece from the back (see the last of our photos.

Or, don't use a photo and hang it with the mirrored backing. It's not quite a mirror, as the image will be distorted. But just you wait till you see the light bounce off the backing.

The ultimate in up-cycling, the ornament was made of a flattened aluminum drink can (nectar d mango). The backing (which holds the photo) is made of tin.

The detail is marvelous with scallops and indentations.

Saint Francis picture included.

Be very careful when handling - the points are sharp!

  • Outside diameter (point to point): 4 inches
  • Inside opening diameter (photo area): 2 inches
  • Photo size: 2 inches by 2 inches

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