Vintage Sugared Snow Putz House<br>    for Under the Tree
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Vintage Sugared Snow Putz House
    for Under the Tree

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* Made in Japan or Made in Sweden
* Only One (1) of Each

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These little 1950s putz houses will be perfect under your vintage Christmas tree or even as a special centerpiece.

Each house was made from cardboard, then painted and sugared with glitter. Some of the windows are covered with cellophane but due to its delicate nature, not all of the windows have retained theirs.

We do not recommend doing this, but if you are extremely careful, you may be able to adjust your putz house a little bit.

Traditionally, an electric Christmas light was behind, to illuminate the house for a special glow. DO NOT ADD A LIGHT OF ANY KIND**. The houses are not fire retardant nor are they fire proof.

** Do not use, electric lights, battery lights, or flame lights - candlelight or other. These houses are not fire proof nor are they fire retardant.

  • #1 Green (Japan)
    • Left to Right: 5-1/2 inches
    • Top to Bottom: 3-1/2 inches
    • Front to Back: 3 inches
  • White (Japan)
    • Left to Right: 4 inches
    • Top to Bottom: 3 inches
    • Front to Back: 2 inches
  • Pink (Sweden)
    • Left to Right: 5-1/2 inches
    • Top to Bottom: 4 inches
    • Front to Back: 3 inches

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