Vintage Talavera Cross
Vintage Talavera Cross

Vintage Talavera Cross

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* Made in Mexico
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Such a nice size for display on your wall or other display area! A self hole makes it easy for you to hang your cross.

The talavera cross is special because of its unique and identifiable style. The background color is traditionally blue to offset the vibrant colors of the main images.

Each cross is different because they all are hand painted and hand fired. The photos show the cross that you will receive as we only have one of each style.

There are 3 styles, identified by the flower color:
#1 - Blue Flower
#2 - White Flower
#3 - Yellow Flower
Approximate Measurements:
  • Height: 2-7/8 inches
  • Width: 1-1/8 inch
  • Depth: 3/16 inches

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