Vintage Wooden Fence (Erzgebirge - Expertic)
Fence Around the Tree (Front)

Vintage Wooden Fence (Erzgebirge - Expertic)

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* Made in Germany
* Made in East Germany (DDR / GDR)
* Vintage Item, Limited Availability

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A wooden fence such as this will complete your putz or for another Christmas diorama.

These are old-stock Erzgebirge fences (they have never been used). The fences are extremely hard to come by, so we are lucky to be able present them to you.

Each set arrives in 7 sections, so that you can easily create the perfect fence for your display. In all, it is about 3-1/2 feet long! There are 2 pieces with gates and 5 individual pieces to create just the design you want.

The gates are about 2 inches high and the fence sections are about 1 inch tall . Each fence piece is about 6 inches long.

You may choose to create a straight fence or use it to surround your favorite miniature people, horses, gnomes - or whatever you might choose.

Hand carved, hand painted and hand assembled, these sets were produced in East Germany (GDR/DDR) in the 1970s from pre-WW2 hand carved, hand painted and hand assembled processes. They are no longer produced and no more are available from the manufacturer. They were sold for cash only west of the Berlin Wall by the Experic Association.

The fences are hard to come by, so we are lucky to be able present them to you.


  • # of sections - 7 (2 with gates)
  • total length - 3-1/2 feet
  • section length - 6 inches
  • gate section height - 2 inches
  • fence section height - 1 inch

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