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yARTstick Folding Wooden Ruler

yARTstick Folding Wooden Ruler

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Made in Germany

Now this is NOT the reason that this company made the yARTstick, but what we like to do with it is saw it up. There are tons of fine are paintings already on wood. So, saw them apart, add a bail, and voilà you have a pendant or charm, or a dollhouse painting, or, whatever you can dream up!

By the running meter - the yARTstick presents, in four-color prints, highlights of 2,000 years of painting history. It allows you to tell at a glance that though the themes have barely changed, their manifestations certainly have. This wooden ruler features illustrations and a measuring stick in centimeters and millimeters.

On the yARTstick, the history of painting of the last 2000 years is depicted in 58 selected pictures. The selection process has yielded a mixture of world famous as well as lesser known motifs, which together express the most important themes, techniques and temperaments. The line of images illustrates the development through the centuries: From Roman funeral art and mosaics in the first centuries AD, through works of Islamic, Chinese and Mayan art, into the Renaissance and on to the modern era. Details of eyes and hands are recurring motifs throughout the two millenniums.

On one side of the yARTstick, folding ruler are the pictures. On the flip side, where the 2,000 years of painting history are divided into 2000 mm, the individual works of art are placed in their historical context and referenced according to the period and the artist, the title of the work, the technique used, the year of the work's creation and the country of origin. If the work is immobile, the city where it is located is also named.

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