10 Ration Stamps Grab Bag Assortment
10 Ration Stamps Grab Bag Assortment

10 Ration Stamps Grab Bag Assortment

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During World War II, most of the resources in the United States went to the war effort. This was true in much of the rest of the world at war as well. Citizens were committed to supporting the troops and the government in winning the war - for the most part. In order to assure that resources were used in the best interest of as many as possible, rationing became the norm.

Gasoline, food, milk and many other items were issued to people in exchange for ration stamps. These were assigned in booklets and were taken very seriously. Of course, there was a black market, but most people upheld the law and "bit the bullet" to only use their share.

We have a collection of many different stamps, mostly from the United States, and we've packaged these in assorted groups of 10 for the collector, artist or historian.

The illustration shows a larger group of some of the intact sheets. Your assortment may include 2 or 3 attached coupons or stamps as well as loose ones.

Consider these, too, for a school project on sharing, history or even citizenship.

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