3 NEW 10mm GREEN Amanita Mushrooms in Real Cellophane Bag
3 NEW 10mm GREEN Amanita Mushrooms in Real Cellophane Bag

3 NEW 10mm GREEN Amanita Mushrooms in Real Cellophane Bag

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Old-fashioned spun cotton mushrooms have graced Christmas trees, corsages and other items for decades. These lovely amanita mushrooms are created of spun cotton and made by the same family business  that made the vintage red and brown mushrooms we offer. The company has really gone out of business, but agreed to make some of these green mushrooms especially for the American trade.

These new stock mushrooms measure about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the stem to the top of the cap and could very easily pass for the vintage ones as the technique is exactly the same.

The mushrooms have been packaged as a group of 3 in real cellophane bags. Real cellophane offers a slight tint, just as it should. It is a natural material - not plastic.

The green caps are hand stained to look real. They are are highly lacquered and are dotted with little white spots - just like the real mushrooms! The stems are wire wrapped in green paper. All just like the originals from long ago.

These pretty mushrooms might really be toadstools, not to be eaten in the wild - and, our spun cotton version should not be eaten either! It is rumored that Santa's reindeer pranced around in a flying frenzy after eating these little beauties, allowing them to help Santa travel throughout the world and deliver presents.

Amanita mushrooms are considered good luck in many cultures, especially in Germany. You'll often see them pictured with gnomes, elves and fairies in children's literature.

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