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50 Foot Spool of Soft Deerskin Lace in Light Buckskin Color

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* Made in USA
Deerskin lace is very soft to the touch and quite reliable. It is wonderful for jewelry and, indeed, for lacing clothing and shoes.

The lacing is cut from North American whitetail deer hides. It is lightweight and strong at once. Because of the softness of deerskin, you'll find that it is stretchable, making it even more workable that most other natural lacings.

You can cut the tip so that it tapers to a very fine point. This will enable you to bead more easily. You might also choose to braid it.

It's great for jewelry, small projects, special garments and hand made moccasins and for home decoration as well.

The 50-foot spool is ample for many projects. The lacing is 1/8 inch (about 3mm) in width. Because this natural leather, you may find a random splice.

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