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Amuleto Maravilloso Poder Pendant with Natural Gemstones

Amuleto Maravilloso Poder Pendant with Natural Gemstones

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Made in Mexico or Made in Peru

The Amuleto Maravilloso Poder is also known as the Wonderful Power Amulet. The sealed vial measures about 2 inches long (not including the hanging loop. The width varies from 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch diameter in the center.

Each amulet pendant vial contains 4 components for power and luck:

PYRE (Iron Pyrite) - Also known as the 7 Metals, it attracts money and economic success. Ideal for business, it assists in increasing mental capacity and communication powers. It is also said to improve breathing and the circulatory system.

HUAYRURO - This enigmatic seed, poisonous if eaten, is believed to grant luck to the one who wears it. It helps attract fame and fortune, and makes the wearer immune to envy.

TURQUOISE - The greenish-blue color relaxes the moving state and helps to tranquilize the mind. It is believed to relieve arthritis and other bone ailments.

QUARTZ - Also known as quartz glass, it is the driver of electromagnetic energy and possesses many powerful qualities for healing. Quartz has been worn by itself to transit energy, stabilize dreams and brings love to the wearer.

With each element powerful in itself, you can just imagine what they might be like when combined.

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