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Birthday Card from KOCO NY: Voice #2: What's Real

Birthday Card from KOCO NY: Voice #2: What's Real

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Made in USA

From KOCO NY, this square greeting card offers a birthday philosophy that questions being and reality, or does it?

what is reality?
how do we know what's real? is a flower more real than
the idea of a flower? realism, as a modern philosophical notion, is the
idea that physical objects exist independently of their being perceived. is a
social worker's
reality more real
than a painter's
reality. is it
possible for
something to be
real & not have
a physical
existence? is
reality really
only about
literal truths,
non-fictions, &
actual happenings
or is there a reality
within each of us
as human beings? as
les mccann once said
to eddie harris, "try to
make it real compared
to what?"

And, inside:

to the possibilities you bring into reality
(& into my life)
happy birthday

Please remember that square greeting cards require extra postage..

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