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Blue Scrub Away Your Ex Magical Washcloth

Blue Scrub Away Your Ex Magical Washcloth

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Made in China

Not Returnable

OK, so it probably doesn't really get rid of your ex. But it just might make you feel a little bit better. The package indicates:

It doesn't matter if she broke your heart, drove you nuts, or
you met her mom and freaked because you caught a glimpse
of what she might look like someday. Make a clean break and
wash her away!
Extra Strength         The ex Lifter
You need this product.
No one new will want to date you if you're dirty.
Wash away the bad feelings to leave you clean, refreshed and happy.

NOTE: Washcloth cannot remove any tattoos with
her name on it. Next time don't be such an idiot.

Just add water & watch it instantly grow!

Each washcloth is made of 100% cotton terry cloth. Just add water and watch it grow instantly from a 1-1/2 inch disk to an 8 by 8 inch washcloth! Instructions are included on the back of the package.

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