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DIY COPPER Treasure Capsule Pendant Kit

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Just like our silvery-edged treasure capsule, these copp…
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Just like our silvery-edged treasure capsule, these copper capsules are the greatest! Our little treasure capsule pendant is made of silvery metal and plastic tubing. It is easy to assemble and lots of fun to use! The end caps even features tiny little hearts in the border decoration.

Make a fairy catcher and display your captive in the tube. Write a love letter and keep it close to your heart. Add some natural crystals for protection. The possibilities are endless for sure!

These are not waterproof or airtight, so if you want to add glitter or a fluid, please be sure to seal the openings with wax or epoxy.

Each one measures 36mm by 12mm.

Each little kit contains 1 Plexiglas tube, 1 head pin and 2 end caps. Two pendants shown for illustration only.

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