DIY Vintage German Starburst Tinsel Ornament (add Santa, too)
Vintage German Starburst Tinsel Ornament

DIY Vintage German Starburst Tinsel Ornament (add Santa, too)

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Make your own special tinsel ornament - or use just the vintage starburst!

Use it as it is for a sparkly addition to your tree, or add a little Christmas scrap (like Santa in our sample).

** We are adding 2 little Santa scraps so that you might glue one on each side of the ornament if you choose - they are trimmed and ready to go. **

Of course, you could also add your own picture to make it uniquely yours. What a special keepsake ornament that would be!

This crinkle also creates the most beautiful shimmer when holiday lights reflect. These are old store stock and are in superb condition.

This rare tinsel starburst is from Germany and was made around Nuremberg before World War II. Each starburst is made of tinsel that is just a bit crinkled for fullness. Then it is flattened.

There is a self hanger for your convenience.

Approximate Measurement:

  • Diameter: 2-1/4 inch
Santa images may vary slightly.

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