Dried and Pressed Real Four Leaf Clover
Four Leaf Clover

Dried and Pressed Real Four Leaf Clover

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'Tis the luck of the Irish that we found these lovely cloverleaves! It's our lucky day and yours, too!

These are REAL 4-Leaf Clovers - They are NOT DYED Green. They are natural - and pressed - just as you might do yourself in a book or love letter.

The clovers arrive will arrive packaged with a cardstock backing.

The clover is easily removed from the package if you want to use it for your artwork. Because these are natural, the size and leaves of each will differ. But, most are about 3/8 inch wide at the widest. The length of the stems may vary as well.

Shamrocks have 3 leaves. As you'd guess, 4-leaf clovers have 4 leaves. They are not the same plant.

Please be careful when removing the clover from the package as it is fragile.

These make great wedding favors and are always a nice little extra to tuck inside a greeting card.

These clovers, of course, come from the earth, growing in Mother Nature's green fields.

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