Flaming Heart Amulet Kit - Marriage , Claddagh or Your Own Personal Theme
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Flaming Heart Amulet Kit - Marriage , Claddagh or Your Own Personal Theme

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We fell for this kit instantaneously, as we love getting to add our own flair to pieces. Of course, we think you like doing that as well!

This kit is comes un-assembled and uncolored, just as our third picture shows. The white pieces are made from hand molded resin and the filigree bow embellishment is made of brass that has been antiqued. 

Now comes the best part, you get to decide how it is going to appear at the end. What color will you paint them? Will the heart be all red? Or pink? Or periwinkle? What about the hands? Skin tones? Green? Magenta? The color choices are endless. How about some glass glitter to add shine and depth?

Will you make it with a wedding theme, with the bride and groom hand in hand? Maybe an Irish theme, with the hands representing a claddagh? Or any theme you wish, since no one says that you must you all of the pieces of the kit together. You could easily add the hands into a different collage and use the heart and bow together. Wow! This kit is just amazing.

However you design it, we recommend using a sealer on it when finished. 

The heart measures 4 inches high by 2-1/2 inches at its widest. The hands measure 5/8 inch high by 1-3/4 inch at its widest. The bow measures 1/2 inch high by 2 inches.

The kit shown in the second picture is only an example of what can be done with this kit.

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