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Gnomes and Fairies Old Fashioned Iron-On Transfers

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Do you believe in magic? We do! I remember falling aslee…
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Do you believe in magic? We do! I remember falling asleep and dreaming that the fairies or my Guardian Angel would do tomorrow's homework. Well, I never wished hard enough because it didn't happen. But, if you closed your eyes and wished really, really hard that there would be fairy and gnome patterns - you wished hard enough - here they are - just for you!

There are beautiful fairies and little gnomes and those wonderful toadstools or mushrooms that work so perfectly for the wee folk! Even a little gnome cottage is waiting for you to stitch!

All of this on one 8-1/2 by 11 inch sheet of iron-on embroidery patterns that will transfer multiple times. Just iron on to any fabric and stitch along the lines - or paint along the lines - or use whatever other medium you choose.

Each is packaged in a folded envelope and comes with complete instructions for getting started in embroidery!

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