Hansel & Gretel Children for Lebkuchen DieCut and Embossed Scrap Set
Hansel & Gretel Children for Lebkuchen DieCut and Embossed Scrap Set

Hansel & Gretel Children for Lebkuchen DieCut and Embossed Scrap Set

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* Unknown Origin, Probably Made in Germany
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These reproduction antique scraps are new, but in the tradition of Victorian scraps. Each of the scrap pictures are pre-trimmed, making them ready to use on any project. They are lightly embossed, just like the vintage ones! Both Gretel and Hansel measure 6 inches high.

Scraps with such children's images these were originally created to top gingerbread (Lebkuchen) cookies and other holiday cookies.

These light weight paper scraps can easily be attached to a card to make a delightful gift tag, or an old-fashioned ornament or as an addition to your holiday artwork. Use a bit of mica or glass glitter and you might even fool someone into thinking these are truly vintage.

Hansel and Gretel are often associated with the Christmas holiday because they are pictured eating gingerbread - also a Christmas tradition in the Germanic countries. Often, these scraps were "glued" to the gingerbread cookies with icing as a special extra treat.

From a fairy tale drawn from the Brothers Grimm, Hansel and Gretel eventually lived happily ever after. Their terrible journey begins with their mother (or step-mother in another version) coaxing their father into abandoning the children in the forest, because there was no money to feed them. The children created a trail of pebbles so that they could find their way home, but eventually became lost. They were lured to a witch's gingerbread cabin by candy and other treats. The almost-blind old crone decided to bake and eat the children, but alas, Gretel tricked her and coaxed the witch into the oven. Gretel and Hansel took the mean old woman's jewels back to their home, where they found their father a widower and lived happily ever after.

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