Human Head - Inside & Out - Die Cut Signboard Wall Hanging

Human Head - Inside & Out - Die Cut Signboard Wall Hanging

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With a graphic style only found on vintage posters and plaques, this wonderful illustration of the human head has a die cut overlay that opens to show the inner workings!

Yep! We said it right - the hand some face opens like a greeting card (albeit a big one). Inside you'll find the inner part of the head. If only we could see what it was thinking.

Of course, this is a reproduction of a vintage original, so it shouldn't be used a reference for study of modern anatomy. It makes a great wall decoration - even if you never open the overlay!

The artwork is stunning! The plaque measures about 12 inches high by 9 inches wide and the head is die cut of strong paperboard, ready to hang with a ribbon or cord (or nail) from the cut-out holes at the top!

Consider it, too, as the cover when creating a book!

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