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Impressionist Paintings Fine Art Stickers

Impressionist Paintings Fine Art Stickers

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Among the best-loved paintings are those by Impressionists, whose highly influential work is still regarded as the most important artistic achievement of the nineteenth century.

This collection of beautiful art stickers evokes that period with 16 lovely miniature reproductions of masterpieces by:

  • Le Pont l'Europe (Caillebotte)
  • On the Terrace At Sèvres (Bracquemond)
  • The Bridge at Moret (Sisley)
  • Vincent's House in Arles (Van Gogh)
  • Mademoiselle Charlotte Berthier (Renoir)
  • A Morning Walk (Sargent)
  • Portrait of Mette Gauguin, the Artist's Wife (Gauguin)
  • Young Peasant Girl Wearing a Hat (Pissarro)
  • Reine Lefèbvre (Cassatt)
  • The Milliner (Gonzalès)
  • A Girl Arranging Her Hair (Morisot)
  • Madame Cézanne in the Conservatory (Cézanne)
  • Dancers at the Bar (Degas)
  • Autumn (Manet)
  • The Little White Girl: Symphony in White, No. 2 (Whistler)
  • Rouen Cathedral, Façade

Use these pressure-sensitive stickers to decorate and beautify gift packages, letters, envelopes, notebooks, doll house walls and scores of other flat surfaces.

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