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Iron-On Elegant Golden Crest & Rope on Black Applique

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We love the elegance of the passementerie of old - for military uniforms and special royal dress. The new pieces connection to the past makes them even more special.

We are not sure of the significance of this image, but it appears to be British or French.

Of course, those of old were all hand embroidered. This has been machine sewn of metallic golden and metallic silver threads with matte accents of red, green and blue on the crown. The felt velveteen backing is sturdy and the back stitching is neatly done.

The patch, including the backing, measures 2-5/8 high by 2-3/4 inches wide. It is an iron on applique. Please be careful when ironing it on - use an ironing press cloth on top of the embroidery to iron it on. Be sure, too, to test a tiny spot to be sure. You can sew it on as well.

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