James Tissot Fine Art Stickers
James Tissot Fine Art Stickers

James Tissot Fine Art Stickers

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The breathtaking portraits of lovely women in fashionable attire created by French artist James Tissot (1836-1902) appear frequently in histories of costume and art. These elegant high society ladies are in historical costumes, holding flowers and fans, riding in boats, enjoying the circus - all from his earlier works.

Tissot received his formal training at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. His trule love was Kathleen Newton, whom he met while he later lived in London. Upon her death, Tissot moved back to Paris and became very religious, painting only biblical scenes.

These 16 reproductions in sticker format offer compelling views of nineteenth-century elegance:

  • Mlle. L.L... (Jeune Femme en vest rouge (Young Woman in Red Jacket))
  • Portrait of Kathleen Newton
  • October
  • On the Thames
  • Reading the News
  • L'Ambitieus (The Political Woman)
  • Jeune Femme á l'évential (Young Lady with a Fan)
  • July (Specimen of a Portrait)
  • Les Femmes de sport (The Sporting Ladies)
  • The Bunch of Lilacs
  • The Tedious Story
  • Portsmouth Dockyard
  • Waiting for the Ferry
  • The Ball on Shipboard
  • The Fan
  • Le Banc de jardin (The Garden Bench)

These self-stick stickers arc created with acid-free inks, paper and adhesives.

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