Laser Pop Card in Aqua - Postcard
Aqua Laser Pop Postcard

Laser Pop Card in Aqua - Postcard

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* Made in Germany
* Shimmers & Glimmers
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We are completely taken by this card. It is at once simple and complex. It is not really a 3d lenticular card, but it appears as such. Technically, the producer calls it a laser-pop card - but we're not really sure what that means!

Just like a lenticular card, there appears to be depth. And just like a lenticular, there is a difference in the image when it is moved in the light, the image changes. But, the best part about it is that there is really no image! It is a beautiful aqua card that shimmers in the light. It looks like the water of the Caribbean Sea.

You'll have to see it in person to know how cool it is as it is quite difficult to illustrate such transformation online.

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