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Little Glass Cane Milliefiore Face Component

Little Glass Cane Milliefiore Face Component

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The millefiori technique was originally based on the French background coverage of thousands of tiny flowers called mille fleur. Mostly associated with Venetian glass making, this style of glassmaking involves layers of glass made into a cane and then sliced into individual pieces. The pieces would all be very similar as each piece The usual outcome is a lovely many-petaled flower. Then, these little slices are place in masse to decorate a larger piece, such as a vase, or an angel or a candlestick.

But, these little guys surely caught our eye. We're not sure where they were produced - or even when! But we are sure that they are funny and sweet. As you can see from the illustrated sample, they vary in size - from 3/16  to 3/8 inch in diameter. Very few are the same.

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