Little Nemo in the Palace of Ice
Little Nemo in the Palace of Ice

Little Nemo in the Palace of Ice

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These strange and marvelously drafted cartoons recount the continuing dreams of Little Nemo, a small boy transported nightly into such fantastic worlds as the Palace of Ice, a pirate ship on the high seas and a miniature city - where time and again his adventures get him deep in trouble and nothing can possibly save him. . .except. . .waking up!

The masterpiece of Windsor McCay, the American cartoonist is an incredible succession of fantasies done in watercolor-like circus colors and with McCay's free-wheeling mastery of perspective drawing. The showmanship of these cartoons is matched by their psychological weirdness - and rightness - in which students of dreams have found the full catalogue of classic dream imagery: falls, flights, wild beasts in the forest and more!

McCay, who once shared a vaudeville stage with W.C. Fields and Houdini, was equally the comedian and the master of illusions!

This reprinting of 31 full-color pages from the Sunday comic section of The New York Herald, selected from the best numbers of the original 1907 series. It is to our knowledge the only bookful of Nemo strips reproduced in their original colors directly from the pages of the Herald. Children and adult comic readers, cartoonists and other artists and those interested in the history of this popular art will find Little Nemo one of the most astonishing and wildly entertaining comic strips ever created.

The reproduction includes strips from January 20, 1907 through April 28, 1907 and June 9, 1907 through September 22, 2007.

This trade paperback measures 10-1/4 by 14-1/4 inches with 32 pages of supremely reproduced illustrations.

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