Mano Fico (Figa) Amulet Drop
Mano Fico (Figa) Amulet Drop

Mano Fico (Figa) Amulet Drop

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Our mano fico amulet pendant is a carved drop made of composition material that measures 25mm by 11mm. We originally bought these as natural stone hand-carved pieces, but they appear to be carved plastic of some sort. There is a drilled hole at the base of the wrist for you to add a hanging loop. Or, use it as is in your collage or assemblage project.

The mano fico (aka figa or fig) is a representation of the hand gesture which is said to bring good luck and fertility. It is thought to also ward off evils.

Because these have been carved, please allow some variation in size and carving. We're showing you two pieces so that you might see the front and back.

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