Miniature Hand Painted Mecki - Choose your Favorite!
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Miniature Hand Painted Mecki - Choose your Favorite!

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* Made in Germany

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About to tend to his garden, our Mecki is ready to grow you some flowers. 

Mecki's origin dates back to the 19th century from the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales collections. But it wasn't until the 1930s that he starred in puppet films by the Diehl brothers of Germany, including films to entertain German troops during World War II. Later, other characters were added, including Micki, Mecki's girlfriend/wife. So, if you choose, you could even refer to your Mecki as Micki instead.

These famous groundhogs are still made today by the original family who produced them so long ago. They use the same tooling that was hand carved originally. they are ceramic and hand painted.

We are quite enamored by these little fellows as our good friend, Cheryl, has collected them since the 1950s. We had never seen them before she introduced us to them over 30 years ago, and we were taken with them as much as she was!

Choose from:
  1. Blue + Pink
  2. Orange + Green
  3. Yellow + White
  4. Green + Yellow
Each ceramic Micki measures about 1 inch tall and about 5/8 inch wide.

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