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Old Store Stock LARGE Vintage Rosette Fan with Wooden Handles

Old Store Stock LARGE Vintage Rosette Fan with Wooden Handles

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Made in Korea


Vintage Item - Limited Availability

Sweet Paper Rosette Fans like these were made in Asia from the 1930s through the 1950s. Two flat sticks are glued to honeycomb paper. When you open the sticks and rotate them 180° - each in the opposite direction, as if by magic a round, colorful fan appears. This one measures 8-1/4 inches when unopened and 12 inches high when open. The fan is about 8 inches in diameter.

These make lively party and wedding decorations when placed in a glass vase or holder on every table or at every places setting!

These hail from the 1950s, so please be careful when opening them. We have not opened each one as they are unused old store stock and we wanted to leave them in their original state for you. All of the ones we have opened are in fine shape, but we cannot guarantee them all as they are vintage paper.

There are several colors - most are the bright colors in the photo. Two fans are shown in the illustration - one opened and one closed!

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