Prodigal Son Icon Style Holy Cards - Pkg of 5
Prodigal Son Icon Style Holy Cards - Pkg of 5

Prodigal Son Icon Style Holy Cards - Pkg of 5

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Pay It Forward
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This stunning icon holy card recounts a familiar parable commonly called the Prodigal Son. We are fortunate to observe the moment when a son who squandered his inheritance has returned in shame only to be embraced by his father.

The parable suggests that God has infinite mercy and will always forgive. However, we like to meditate further on our own commitment to forgiveness and mercy. We all make mistakes and want to be loved despite our folly. So, do we not owe it to each other to give comfort when it might be hardest?

Trying times bring out the worst in a few and the best in most. We've discovered that help is always there. We needn't ask - someone is just around the corner waiting to pay it forward. So shall we.

This is an original icon design by Sister Marie Paul, but is a familiar depiction in Western art. Just let it be any two of us in this world.

The top of the icon reads:


These lovely holy cards are a bit lighter weight than some others we offer, but the printing is absolutely outstanding. They are a convenient size for use as gifts or bookmarks - measuring 3-1/8 by 4-5/8 inches on heavy cream-colored paper. The back is blank except for a faint colophon at the bottom, leaving plenty of room for custom imprinting with your own message, or a place to write a note to a friend, or to inscribe an appropriate prayer.

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