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SilverCrow's Ephemera Collection in 3 Sizes

SilverCrow's Ephemera Collection in 3 Sizes

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SilverCrow's Ephemera Collections are wonderful selections of classic and vintage ephemera. Packages might include:

vintage book pages in English, French, Latin, Greek
old maps - old handwritten letters - vintage tickets
gummed paper - stamps and labels - sports cards
music - obsolete currency - liturgical items
bank checks - receipts - indentures - contracts
ledger pages - photographs - folders - envelopes
postcards - greeting cards - licenses
magazine articles - 1880s+ newspapers - dictionary pages
a few unique newer paper items
almost anything!

The photographs illustrate some of the possible inclusions. Our stash changes often, so you never know what might be in each package! Every item in each package is hand selected, making each collection unique! We assemble these right here in the SilverCrow Atelier of articles from the USA and around the world.

Our Ephemera packs are available in 3 sizes:

  • Small - 10+ pieces
  • Medium - 30+ pieces
  • Jumbo - 100+ pieces

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