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Silvery Rescued Charm Kitty Cat Drawing
Silvery Rescued Charm Kitty Cat Drawing

Silvery Rescued Charm Kitty Cat Drawing

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There are so very many ways to find a pet. But what we love most is when our pets rescue us. There are rescue groups for just about every animal. And there are so very many stray cats! But, we believe that the cats rescue us - not the other way around.

Omar, our dearest cat boy, is no longer with us. He rescued us over 13 years ago. He was about 3 then. He was diabetic for 9 years! Imagine - quite the cat record! The day after we lost him, he sent us Gypsy, a lovely lady calico whom we thought was feral, taunting the dogs in the neighborhood. Alas, we discovered that she was abandoned. Now she owns the dogs and us!

 This charm measures just a touch over 3/4 inch in diameter and features a nice sized hole at the top for attaching to just about anything - from a collar, to a bracelet, a cell phone or even a zipper. We love the simple kitty drawing at the bottom of the charm. Please support your animal shelters and let a lovely feline adopt you!

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