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The Natural History of the Flirt Reproduction Book Reproduction

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The Shorter Oxford En…
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The Shorter Oxford English Dictionary gives the meaning of the word flirt as 'to play at courtship.' Perhaps some will regard it as a more frivolous past-time, though George Elliot put it rather well 'every man likes to flirt with a pretty girl and every girl likes to be flirted with.'

This little 108-page soft cover book measures a little approximately 4 by 5 inches and is loaded with delight from cover to cover.

The original book was published in 1848 and accordingly, is quite hard to find.

This facsimile reproduction brings the original work to life as it was originally published! The illustrations by Gavarni, Gilbert and Henning are worth the price alone! Full of anecdote, suggestion and song, with tales from notorious flirts, this might also be considered a how-to manual for flirting - not just the history!

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