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Thomas Gainsborough Fine Art Stickers (including The Blue Boy)

Thomas Gainsborough Fine Art Stickers (including The Blue Boy)

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This unique collection of fine art stickers, based on the most famous works of the great 18th century English painter Thomas Gainsborough, features 16 lovely reproduction portraits in miniature.

You'll find the magnificent portraits of:

  • Gainsborough (self-portrait)
  • Miss Catherine Tatton
  • Lady Innes
  • The Blue Boy (Jonathan Buttall)
  • William Wollaston
  • Mrs. Richard Brinsley Sheridan
  • Portrait of the Duchess of Beaufort
  • Mary Little, later Lady Carr
  • The Honorable Mrs. Graham
  • Mrs. Bate-Dudley
  • William Poyntz
  • Ann Ford (Mrs. Philip Thicknesse)
  • Johan Christian Fischer
  • John and Henry Trueman Villebois
  • Mrs. Siddons
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrews

The self-stick are ideal for enhancing note cards, gift packages and a host of other decorative uses.

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