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Vintage BRONZE Letter - E

Vintage BRONZE Letter - E

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Made in USA


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We're not sure of the origin of this fine letter. However, we are sure that it is proud to be the letter


It might have come from an industrial sign, or a mail box, or we don't know where.

It measures 1-1/2 inch long (along the bottom), 1-7/8 inches high (including the bar at the top) and 3/8 inch thick.

We are sure that many wonderful words begin with E:

every - exciting - everlasting - ethics
ecology - even - elated - environment
eel - ever - extraordinary - enlightening
enigma - equine - erstwhile - enchantment

And, we are sure that many famous people are happy to have the initial E in their names:

Elvis Presley - Barbara Eden - Clint Eastwood
Eric Estrada - Ellen Degeneres - Elton John
Elizabeth Taylor - Everly Brothers - Roger Ebert
Euripides - Elly Mae Clampett - Ed Norton
and of course... Edgar Allan Poe

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