Vintage Brown Twisted Crepe Paper Rope by Dennison
Vintage Brown Twisted Crepe Paper Rope by Dennison

Vintage Brown Twisted Crepe Paper Rope by Dennison

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What a terrific find! We are so taken with vintage Dennison products, that we almost jump for joy upon finding them!

This wonderful twisted Crepe Paper Rope is old store stock, never used, with its original wrapper. It's from the 1930s! Wow! The wrapper on each of them has seen some wear, mostly due to the adhesive. There just might be a touch of wear on the rope - certainly not much. So you can collect this cool package, or better yet, use it in creating old timey ornaments and other projects. In its day, many a home artist wove it into placemats or more.

This is brown: we're not sure if it is light or dark brown as it is not circled on the label. Each package is a generous 36 feet long and 1/8 inch in diameter.

Dennison was a leader in producing craft products, Hallowe'en and other holiday decorations, especially made of paper. Crepe paper products were a specialty. There were also many booklets written about the use of the their products.

For almost 100 years, they produced high quality products. Eventually they were bought by Avery and the company became known as Avery-Dennison. At that time many of the craft and decoration products were discontinued, while the business products remained. In recent years, the original Dennison products and booklets have become highly collectible. You'll find that the old craft products have seen a resurgence with modern papers and supplies.

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